An Igloo with a View: Challenging Tales Told by and about Women

In Málstofur by Margrét Guðmundsdóttir

Fyrirlestrar í málstofunni verða fluttir á ensku.

This session focuses on works of literature that tackle themes related to female identity and challenge male centric ideas concerning gender roles and female agency. The papers also bring fresh perspectives to questions of femininity and feminism in the Victorian period. Examining works written in different time periods (the 19th and 21st century), the papers explore how women broke barriers and explored new frontiers during the Victorian era. In doing so, the papers seek to revise common assumptions about women’s agency (or lack thereof) in nineteenth-century America and Britain.

Laugardagur 9. mars

Stofu 105 í Odda
Kl. 13.00-14.30

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9. mars kl. 13.00-14.30


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